Saturday, December 29, 2007

Israel's Surgery

So Israel Had Surgery This Month. He had his Knee scoped and they cleaned up a bunch of cartilage. It was really an interesting experience. We got there at noon and waited until 2 when he finally got called in. The nurse shaved his leg and I got to come hang with him for a bit. He went in and I got to wait. and wait... The doctor came to talk to me and then I got to go see Israel. First thing he did when I saw him was he motioned to me to take his picture. So I did... he doesn't remember it now...but I really like this pic. His eyes are my favorite!!He looked so cute with his little sippy cup.At one time I spoke to the nurse and when I came back to help Israel he reprimanded me and told me not to undermine his authority... It was Hilarious! He tried to get me to let him drive and he called multiple people and yelled at them... Drugs do funny things for him. He's doing much better now. His knee is healing. Hopefully he will soon be feeling good and he'll be ready for me to whoop him in racquet ball! I love him!