Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Nieces and Nephews are CUTE!

I have the cutest kids related to me!!! Here's a few pics of them for all of you! We all went to the park and played. It was loads of fun!!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Male Bonding

Christmas was very fun this year.  Stephanie and I got to spend time with both of our families and it has been very cool having her family in town and Jessica and her fam staying with us.  My dad was very nice and bought me a .38 for my Christmas present this year.  I was extremely excited to say the least.  We decided it would be fun to go out and try it out and do some target shooting.  Me, Isaac, my dad, Isaias, our friend Sunny all went out Friday morning and we met my Uncle Mario and Paul Peralta at Sycamore Creek.  We took some pistols, rifles, and a shotgun.  Sunny had never been shooting before and had a blast.  I loved shooting the .38 and enjoyed the time to do a little male-bonding!  I'm excited to take Stephanie out next time and be wowed with her shooting prowess!  Here are a few pics from the day..

Where did it go???

So I was about to write a fun blog about some of the festivities we have been having in celebration of Christmas... So I got on to my G-mail and pulled up a picture I was planning on looking at. I accidently pushed a button and the e-mail disappeared. I can't find it anywhere!!! Not archived, put in spam or in the trash. AAARGH! I don't know where it is! So to come on this blog are a couple really cool things once I find the e-mail that vanished!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

5 Fun Things That Happened In October and November.

#1. Israel and I decorated a really cool Halloween house. We started mixing the frosting... I put too much water in it so it was a bit runny. But I guess it still turned out well. I did the frosting and Israel put the candies on.

#2. I was making strawberry pancakes for breakfast the other day. I like to put the cooked pancakes into a tupperware so I can keep them covered and really warm... I like the butter to melt when I put it on... So I was doing that just like I always do. I guess I accidently turned on one of the burners that I wasn't using, and that's where I set the tupperware. I kept placing pancakes in it and wondering what the burning smell was... Melting plastic.

#3. One of my co-workers, Amanda, left her daughters underwear in my car. I guess good prepared mothers carry extra underwear and other things with them just in case. I've also on another occasion seen Amanda pull a spatula out of her purse @ work.

#4. I went to the cannery. Israel and I have been working on our year supply. He went last month and I went this month. It feels good to be prepared!

#5. Brittany, Hilaree and I ran/walked the Turkey Trot. I am way out of shape... but I decided that I just needed to do it! So we went and did really bad at it. But we finished! Brittany is tough and could have gotten a real good time, but being the good friend she is she hung with Hilaree and I. It was fun. My foot still hurts a week later!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Blame the beard!!!

So I made the Easter Pageant and I am very excited!  I will be a Shepherd, in the Multitude, and in the Mob (must be the beard right!?!).  It is a HUGE time commitment with the 18 credits I will be taking and working 4 jobs, so I am thanking my wonderful, understanding wife ahead of time for her patience with me during this process.  So even though it is a bit early I'd love you all to come see the Easter Pageant in the Spring!  Details to follow.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

My family is really cool!

So we had a fun time doing the puppet show this year!!! The first show was a bit shaky with all of technical difficulties! the second show on the other hand was practically perfect!!! I loved it. My cousins and extended family are so fun!!! I love them!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Everyone Should Come to Our Puppet Show.

Every year my extended family does a community puppet show. Every one is invited!!! Here's a copy of the flyer. It's the Saturday right after Thanksgiving! It's a great way to kick off the Christmas season! Tell your friends about it too if you want. It's especially fun for younger kids. hope I see you there!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Way EXciting News!!!

My Brother got ENGAGED!!! Ya I really was excited when he got engaged... Then he decided to move the day up to Dec.30. Wow that's soon! He's marrying a real neat girl. Here's some pics of them. I think they look well together!

My sisters are a bit crazy!

I love my sisters! Too bad only two of them live here! anyway... I took some pics of my two little sisters a couple days ago. (I'm trying to practice and get better at Photography) It was fun. They crack me up. I thought I'd just stick a couple of them up for ya'all to see.

Aren't they hot!

Monday, November 10, 2008

That Family is HUGE!

So the Curtis Family has a billion people in it. I had the privilege of taking their pictures today. It was really fun to take my cousin's pics!

They were sassy! Look at these hot girls!

I also shot a couple of Ammon and Nikaela's fam. So cute.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Who really is intolerant?

I find it funny that people who were so against Prop 102 here in AZ 

or Prop 8 in CA have been so angry at those 

of us who have a different opinion.  I especially 

think it is interesting to say that one is intolerant 

of intolerance, 

when the truth is they are intolerant of anyone 

who has a different opinion than their own.  I saw 

this news article 

not written by an LDS bishop, but a Catholic 

bishop and liked what he said.  

  (This news release was issued by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Sacramento) The following statement was released today by Bishop William Weigand, head of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Sacramento and former Bishop of Salt Lake City, in response to attacks on (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) for supporting California’s Proposition 8, defending the traditional definition of marriage: 

“Catholics stand in solidarity with our Mormon brothers and sisters in support of traditional marriage — the union of one man and one woman — that has been the major building block of Western Civilization for millennia. 

“The ProtectMarriage coalition, which led the successful campaign to pass Proposition 8, was an historic alliance of people from every faith and ethnicity. LDS were included — but so were Catholics and Jews, Evangelicals and Orthodox, African-Americans and Latinos, Asians and Anglos.

“Bigoted attacks on Mormons for the part they played in our coalition are shameful and ignore the reality that Mormon voters were only a small part of the groundswell that supported Proposition 8.

“As the former bishop of the Diocese of Salt Lake City, I can attest to the fact that followers of the Mormon faith are a good and generous people with a long history of commitment to family and giving to community causes.

“I personally decry the bigotry recently exhibited towards the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints — coming from the opponents of Proposition 8, who ironically, have called those of us supporting traditional marriage intolerant.

“I call upon the supporters of same-sex marriage to live by their own words — and to refrain from discrimination against religion and to exercise tolerance for those who differ from them. I call upon them to accept the will of the people of California in the passage of Proposition 8.”

SOURCE: Roman Catholic Diocese of Sacramento

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Land that I love.

Obama won... he's the new President of the United States. I don't really know what to do! I guess I'll just pray for him and for the country as a whole. I am very happy though right now that the marriage amendment is going the way I want it to so far. I love that I live in a democratic country and I am grateful for the right and privilege to vote! God Bless America!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Be afraid ... be very afraid!

So I think we should worry for our future and the future of our children.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

So I really got a good one!!!

Alright this is just a little note to let the whole world...Or maybe the nine people who read my blog... Know that I have the bestest husband!!! The other day he came home from work with flowers. For me!!! Awe! He is constantly doing really nice things for me! Sometimes he cooks dinner and breakfast. He even does dishes!!! He is the perfect husband! Oh and He's really buff and macho too! I am so happy I finally wised up and married this kid! I love you Israel!!!They are beautiful flowers!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Twins are twice as fun????

SO I have some really cool friends that let me take pictures of them!! Becky I'm putting these pictures on my blog so you can see a couple.

You and Scott are hot together!

Those two boys are just so cute!!!

I'm pretty sure this last picture is my fave...I think it's the most real! I love that The boys are just not happy and like all little kids... They don't just smile because it's family pictures... They totally have their own agenda!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

I named her Xiao Mei.

Earlier this week I was at my mom's house helping her make a quilt. Israel came in and told me that his mom had come over with him and she wanted to ask me a question. I went outside and there was Adriana holding a TINY puppy. "Merry Christmas" She said as she handed me the puppy. I got a puppy. She is so cute!!! She's a Chihuahua, 8 weeks old, brown with a black stripe down her back and a black nose. Here's a picture for you!!! Oh...I named her Xiao Mei.
She is quite the handful! She really likes attention and if she doesn't get it she cries.(She has a really cute cry!) We are learning the joys of house breaking. But...She's a tough cookie. I introduced her to Charcoal... They get along well and she wasn't scared at all. The other two Chihuahuas that the Ortegas have like to pick on her and she bites at them and tries to act tough. Israel loves to rough house with her, she's feisty. I don't rough house with her much. She just follows me everywhere. She's so cute!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

It Never Rains but it Pours...

Wow... This picture is how I feel. Life the past few months has been one of those times when you feel like..."Well at least nothing else can go wrong"...then you learn that it can. It has been full of not so fun experiences and loss of loved ones. I am in a "lets talk" and eat an entire gallon of ice cream kind of mood. (I don't need the ice cream... and that adds a bit to this gloom.) I have enjoyed some parts of these past few months and I am truly grateful for the many blessings that I do have. I guess there have to be times like these to help each of us to recognize and fondly appreciate those times when life is just right. I love on the movie "You've got Mail" when she just sends thoughts out "into the void". I guess in a way I feel like my blog is my "void". I know some people may read it and that gives me the feeling that some may understand and feel similarly, but I don't actually have to verbalize any of my feelings to any certain person. I am not going to go into detail, BUT... life stinks right now, that's OK. I know it will get better and I will feel better and I can still be happy about the things in my life that I love. I love Israel, Family, the Gospel, My job (even though I am not doing so great at it lately!), friends, cute shoes and good food.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A post just to let you all know... I have the best husband EVER!

My husband is the most amazing person! Yesterday we celebrated our first anniversary. It was so wonderful... I will post a few pictures and stuff about our trip for your reading and viewing enjoyment Later. Right now I just want you all to know that my husband is the BEST man I know! He is sweet and caring and manly! We reminisced a bit yesterday about our Dating and engagement and the past year of marriage. I was a BEAST while dating! He survived my repeated refusals and break-ups and crazy Ideas. Ever kind and good to me! Since getting married I have been tamed and am no longer Beastly... and still he's great! He is my favorite person! I love him!