Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A plug for this AMAZING movie!

GO see "The Blind Side"!!! It is SO GOOD!!!! Michael Oher's story is amazing!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Early Xmas/Bday

So for Christmas this year I have my little brother Isaias. I decided as part of his gift and for his birthday gift (his bday is in January) that I would take him to see Phantom of the Opera @ Gammage. It was awesome! Neither of us had seen it so it was a real treat. We were both very impressed with the actor who played the Phantom. He had an amazing voice. I would definitely enjoy seeing this musical again. I'm not sure how I would rank it among other musicals I have seen but it would have to be near the top! ps I have always thought the monkey music box is awesome! hahaha

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

THe BEST Band Ever!!!

Israel and I went to the U2 concert!!!! Ok... you can all be jealous now! It was AWESOME! My parents and all 7 of their children and spouses went... J&A and D&S went in Washington DC. and the rest of us went here in AZ. Israel found tickets all near each other so that we could sit together through the concert. SO FUN! My siblings all danced the whole time, I wasn't feeling so great so I sat with Israel, we moved up a couple rows because the people directly in-front of us stood the ENTIRE time! We had fun singing along to all the great hits and enjoying the jumbotron! Black eyed Peas opened for U2 they did great! I loved especially when they sang "Boom Boom Pow". My mom sat through the entire Black Eyed Peas performance with her fingers in her ears. It was funny. She didn't do that for U2! I loved the songs U2 chose to sing!!! It was an awesome performance!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Well we had a very fun Halloween!!! Israel and I carved these really cool pumpkins. Israel was a bit disappointed that the pumpkins were fake and so he was limited in what he could carve... but it turned out great! His is the Scary one and mine is the scared one! We really had fun carving these together! We also went to our ward party which was quite the social event! It was way fun. Israel convinced me to go with him through the haunted house that they had.... Not the best idea! I'm a woos and I was totally scared! I came out screaming and running! I would probably have died if big strong Israel hadn't been there! We then went to the play that Marshall Glass was in... "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat". He did Awesome. He was Joseph. I have never in the past enjoyed that musical... but he did so good that I really liked it! (BTW he looked hot w/o his shirt on :) )After the play we came home made pizza ( heated up the frozen stuff) and watched Ghost Busters #1. The Special effects in that movie were much more intense and realistic when I was younger!! All in all it was a very fun Halloween!