Sunday, November 4, 2007

If you really loved me... you'd eat it.:)

Israel is just the cutest thing ever and he will eat most things I cook...only because I am a pretty good cook...but there are a few things I've made that he won't eat! I tried to make that KRAFT maccaroni and cheese and I really tried to follow the instructions. Israel loves Mac and cheese...but I apparently didn't make it very well... he had a small serving and wouldn't eat seconds. He was going to go to bed hungry because it was so aweful! Another time he was eating dinner and he really wanted an egg... he's so particular abut his eggs!!! I had to throw 2 of them away. The third one I finally got right.
He ate it...but, I don't think I'll be cooking tons of eggs throughout our life!!!! It was such an experience that I even drew a picture for him about it! I love Israel even though he's very particular when it comes to eggs and maccaroni.
Your faithful writer,