Sunday, December 20, 2009

My little brother is married.

So crazy! Yesterday my little brother got married. That makes me feel kind of old because now 5 of my seven siblings are married. I got to shoot his wedding and that is always fun. So here's a couple pics from yesterday ... Jeff and Tori looked good and it was especially fun having the entire family in town for the wedding!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Isabella's Video...LOVE IT!

So... my soon to be sister-in-law, Isabella, is AWESOME and made this funny little video for the holidays. I love it and I hope you enjoy it also! I love especially that Isaac and Israel's faces came off a picture where they were eating orange smiles!

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Just had a conversation with Israel and my sisters. I am SO grateful for my health and my family and everything I have!!! I feel so blessed!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A plug for this AMAZING movie!

GO see "The Blind Side"!!! It is SO GOOD!!!! Michael Oher's story is amazing!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Early Xmas/Bday

So for Christmas this year I have my little brother Isaias. I decided as part of his gift and for his birthday gift (his bday is in January) that I would take him to see Phantom of the Opera @ Gammage. It was awesome! Neither of us had seen it so it was a real treat. We were both very impressed with the actor who played the Phantom. He had an amazing voice. I would definitely enjoy seeing this musical again. I'm not sure how I would rank it among other musicals I have seen but it would have to be near the top! ps I have always thought the monkey music box is awesome! hahaha

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

THe BEST Band Ever!!!

Israel and I went to the U2 concert!!!! Ok... you can all be jealous now! It was AWESOME! My parents and all 7 of their children and spouses went... J&A and D&S went in Washington DC. and the rest of us went here in AZ. Israel found tickets all near each other so that we could sit together through the concert. SO FUN! My siblings all danced the whole time, I wasn't feeling so great so I sat with Israel, we moved up a couple rows because the people directly in-front of us stood the ENTIRE time! We had fun singing along to all the great hits and enjoying the jumbotron! Black eyed Peas opened for U2 they did great! I loved especially when they sang "Boom Boom Pow". My mom sat through the entire Black Eyed Peas performance with her fingers in her ears. It was funny. She didn't do that for U2! I loved the songs U2 chose to sing!!! It was an awesome performance!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Well we had a very fun Halloween!!! Israel and I carved these really cool pumpkins. Israel was a bit disappointed that the pumpkins were fake and so he was limited in what he could carve... but it turned out great! His is the Scary one and mine is the scared one! We really had fun carving these together! We also went to our ward party which was quite the social event! It was way fun. Israel convinced me to go with him through the haunted house that they had.... Not the best idea! I'm a woos and I was totally scared! I came out screaming and running! I would probably have died if big strong Israel hadn't been there! We then went to the play that Marshall Glass was in... "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat". He did Awesome. He was Joseph. I have never in the past enjoyed that musical... but he did so good that I really liked it! (BTW he looked hot w/o his shirt on :) )After the play we came home made pizza ( heated up the frozen stuff) and watched Ghost Busters #1. The Special effects in that movie were much more intense and realistic when I was younger!! All in all it was a very fun Halloween!

Monday, October 26, 2009

It's a..........

Well Stephanie and I were finally able to find out the gender of our baby! We have thought it was a boy for a while though Stephanie was holding out hope for a girl. Truthfully, we were just excited to know more than anything and now we do.......

As you can see from this awesome picture...IT'S A BOY!!! We are so excited!!! I told Stephanie the reason it would be a boy is because we already had names picked out for a girl. So now we are trying to decide on his name which is proving to be difficult! Any suggestions would be helpful!!!

This is a really cool picture my sister-in-law Jeani did for us. I think it is awesome! Thanks Jeani!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

LSAT Score...finally!!!

So everyone had that had taken the lsat test said that when the score gets released a very to the point email is sent and you would just know how you did. I told Stephanie that my email it would go to is linked to my phone so it would probably be a very random time I would find out. Well, tonite we were out to dinner with Steph's family celebrating Jeff's return from his mission to the Dominican Republic. So I went to check my phone for the Yankee's score and I noticed I had 2 emails. Didn't think much of it until I went into my email and the subject line for the first one was "LSAC SCORE". I was freakin' out, found Steph and made her sit down with me before I read the score. I opened it up and saw that I got a 154 or 60th percentile. I was expecting a 155 and missed it by 1 wrong question! haha We went to my parents' and I got on their computer to look at the reports they have and saw that I did much better than I had normally done on Reading Comprehension and Logical Reasoning but my normally strong area Logic Games failed me! If I scored in Logic Games like I had been on practice tests, I would have scored a 160 which is only 6 points higher but is the 81st percentile!!! Huge jump! Oh well, I did my best and I'm happy its done. Now time to send in all my applications and see where we will be living for at least the next 3 years!!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Another post about Football... SO it's a big part of life for us this time of year...

Monday Night Football !!!Well we had a really fun Family Home Evening this week. Israel was celebrating that he no longer has LSAT class on Monday nights so he decided we should have a Monday night Football party. We invited our families and we "cooked out" meaning we barbecued. It was fun.
I made home made potato salad, for the first time in my life. You see we have to make home made potato salad because there are a couple Ortegas that DON'T eat onions and where can you buy Potato salad without onions??? Nowhere! But it was fun to make it! Israel being the Man was in charge of the barbecuing. HE did GREAT! After all, his apron does say "Natural born griller" on it! we had Brat-worst, hot dogs and Hamburgers... YUM! Also my favorite... he BBQ ed some corn on the cob...SO YUMMY!!! (Forgive that I am so focused on what we ate... I'm pregnant.) So anyways, the food was yummy and the company was fabulous! I really enjoy our families. The game was pretty good too. Sadly it was not a game that we were extremely excited for. It was the Cowboys and Panthers at Dallas. It wasn't awful... I just wasn't too into it. Not a fan of either team in particular.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Football Season has begun...And the Ortegas are EXCITED!

Yeah for FOOT- BALL season! For any of you who don't know Israel is quite the football fan. He is amazing to watch games with because he calls all of the calls on the flags before the refs say them and 99.999899% of the time he is right. Half the time I don't see the random holding way in the top of the field or the false starts. It is truly amazing. I think he may have missed his calling in life as a Pro Referee. Maybe not. I am also learning all kinds of rules I didn't know before like intentional grounding and college vs. pro football overtime rules, etc...So our house is full of the sights and sounds of football season. Gotta love it!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Be True to your School!!!!

So School just started today. ASU is so neat as usual! Israel and I have a couple classes together... AWE, CUTE! I am really excited for this semester to get going and then to be over because that means I have only one more semester until Graduation!!! (for both me and Israel) Love it!

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Ok so recently my puppy (Xiao Mei ,who lives at my in laws' house) had puppies. She had five. We took them out a couple weeks ago to play with them and I took pictures... Their pictures are in order... Lucy ( Sometimes called Manteca because she's the biggest girl and it means lard), Spot ( Because of her white spot We also call her Manchita, "Little Spot" in Spanish), Papi ( I thought he should have been named Yoda because he looks like Yoda), Onyx (He's black and huge!), and Rosita ( Rosie is what we call her but my sister-in -law, who named Rosie, felt that being a Chia- huahua meant you need a really Mexican name). They are all very cute and fun to play with! Israel and I however are not enjoying their potty training time! Israel and I are keeping two of them. We are keeping Lucy and Spot. Awesome! They are so cute!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

All us girls made really cool bags!!!

So ...My mom went to a class, with my aunt, and learned how to make bags out of "charm packs". ( Charm Packs are Pre-cut 4.5X4.5 inch squares of material you can purchase.) My mom taught my sisters, cousin and I how to make similar bags. We had a fun time making them. I made three of them. My older sister and one of my sister-in-law, live on the east coast and didn't get to make any bags with us. So we decided I would make them a bag and bring it when I went to visit them. So FUN! These bags are especially wonderful for carrying stuff to church. I really enjoyed spending time with my mom and Hilaree, Margaret, Jeani and Melodie! So fun!! And I think the bags turned out quite nice! (In Order the bags are...1.Jeani's Bag. 2.Hilaree/Margaret's bags...Made of the same material. 3.Stacey's bag. 4.Jessica's bag.W?no outside pocket. 5 My bag. I made the haandles extra long to fit my large shoulders. 6 My mom's bag. 7 Melodi's Bag.

Friday, July 31, 2009

March 19, 2010

So today Stephanie and I went to the Dr. and have an ultrasound done. The baby looks healthy (and tiny!) and we could even see the heartbeat! We were very excited and this has to be one of the best days of my life! Now begins the baby naming debate.....yay!

Cabin trip Part 2: The Hospital

About 6 pm on Saturday Tom began to feel agonizing pain so we decided he needed to go to the ER in Payson about 35 miles away...I was flying and it still felt like the longest drive ever! We found out that Tom had kidney stones which were causing the pain! Kristie drove up to check on Tom.

Tom finally got discharged and ended up having the pain return within 30 minutes and back to the ER once again. By the time we left it was about 1:30 am and I ended up getting back home and in bed after unloading all our stuff around 4 am....LONG DAY! Plus Tom has been stuck in bed all week in pain. Crazy stuff...

Monday, July 27, 2009

Cabin trip Part 1: The Cabin

So Tom invited me to go the cabin since Stephanie is at Girl's Camp and we thought it'd be fun get out of heat for a while. Stephanie's only request was that I take lot pictures (something I'm really bad at but Tom helped me remember) so we got there Friday afternoon quickly unloaded then went cruising on rhino see couple cool spots do some geocaching.

We saw a rainbow and could even spot where the pot of gold should have been.

We forgot to take our rain suits since it was clear and we figured we wouldn't be gone long. haha bad idea! It started lightly sprinkling and we tried to race ahead of the storm but we were soaked by the time we got back!

We went back out this time remembering the rain suits and of course it didn't rain anymore but it was fun as Tom took me around to a couple different geocaches.

Tom even let me drive!!!

We went back to the cabin and had some good food from the grill. The next day Tom took me to a Forest lookout tower that is about 65 ft off the ground. The guy who mans it stays there 6 days a week 24 hrs a day during the "season" which can last almost 4 months! We got a cool tour of his 12x12 space and he pointed out stuff like 4 peaks and other mtn. ranges, lakes etc. It was an awesome view.

He also showed us what kind of stuff he catches up there...

We went and saw a couple other really cool spots...

All in all it was a great trip until about 6pm on Saturday.

To be continued...