Monday, August 24, 2009

Be True to your School!!!!

So School just started today. ASU is so neat as usual! Israel and I have a couple classes together... AWE, CUTE! I am really excited for this semester to get going and then to be over because that means I have only one more semester until Graduation!!! (for both me and Israel) Love it!

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Ok so recently my puppy (Xiao Mei ,who lives at my in laws' house) had puppies. She had five. We took them out a couple weeks ago to play with them and I took pictures... Their pictures are in order... Lucy ( Sometimes called Manteca because she's the biggest girl and it means lard), Spot ( Because of her white spot We also call her Manchita, "Little Spot" in Spanish), Papi ( I thought he should have been named Yoda because he looks like Yoda), Onyx (He's black and huge!), and Rosita ( Rosie is what we call her but my sister-in -law, who named Rosie, felt that being a Chia- huahua meant you need a really Mexican name). They are all very cute and fun to play with! Israel and I however are not enjoying their potty training time! Israel and I are keeping two of them. We are keeping Lucy and Spot. Awesome! They are so cute!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

All us girls made really cool bags!!!

So ...My mom went to a class, with my aunt, and learned how to make bags out of "charm packs". ( Charm Packs are Pre-cut 4.5X4.5 inch squares of material you can purchase.) My mom taught my sisters, cousin and I how to make similar bags. We had a fun time making them. I made three of them. My older sister and one of my sister-in-law, live on the east coast and didn't get to make any bags with us. So we decided I would make them a bag and bring it when I went to visit them. So FUN! These bags are especially wonderful for carrying stuff to church. I really enjoyed spending time with my mom and Hilaree, Margaret, Jeani and Melodie! So fun!! And I think the bags turned out quite nice! (In Order the bags are...1.Jeani's Bag. 2.Hilaree/Margaret's bags...Made of the same material. 3.Stacey's bag. 4.Jessica's bag.W?no outside pocket. 5 My bag. I made the haandles extra long to fit my large shoulders. 6 My mom's bag. 7 Melodi's Bag.