Wednesday, April 29, 2009

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An Addition to "YUMMY FOOD" the blog.

SO this morning when Israel got up I was making breakfast. It was a real breakfast with pancakes, eggs, hash browns, bacon and fruit. When Israel walked in I told him we were celebrating and I asked him if he remembered what today is?. He thought about it for a bit and asked if it was "this" or "that". I responded "No... today is the 29th of April, you don't remember???" He didn't. Finally I told him it really wasn't anything. I just love him and wanted to make him breakfast! I thought it was funny! So I took a picture of it. I think It may become a tradition to celebrate this way every April 29th. :)

Sunday, April 26, 2009


So I am really enjoying cooking... I kind of always have!... But I took pictures of some of the random dishes I've made this last week...We begin with Shish-kabobs... I couldn't really think what to make a few nights ago...I wanted something not boring. I got chicken and Shrimp and made up my own marinade and cut up veggies... They were DELISH!

So This one I made a salad with apples and pecans and then I toped it with chicken that I cooked with onions and pecans and cheeses and I topped it off with a vinaigrette that I concocted. It was really good!! Please excuze the dirty fork I just used it to dish the chicken stuff. :)

I love making home made pizza! It's healthy and you can top them with anything!!! SO YUMMY!

This is just an ordinary tuna-fish sandwich. I love tuna!

OK... Now the next three are just cupcakes. But they were cute cup cakes I made last week for Israel's Birthday. I made 40 cupcakes...He took them to one of his ASU classes...Cute! There were 2 kinds, German chocolate and Yellow cake with vanilla frosting and sprinkles!YEAH! Happy Birthday. He's getting up there in age...climbin' that hill!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


This is how I feel about Easter this year! Israel and I are just enjoying hangin' around! With our Peeps! I love Easter!I am so glad that the Savior died so that we can all be resurrected and happy! (PS. My PEEPS is the title of our friend's and Family blogs... So I thought this Comic was especially fitting for us!!!) Happy Easter!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Some pictures I took Lately...

Ok... So I am really liking Photography lately!!! I like everything about it! I like people and trying to figure out ways to keep getting genuine smiles. I love the challenge of being artistic... It doesn't come really natural for me to set up shots. I enjoy the editing of the pics after taking them! I just love it! We haven't had tons of weddings lately, but the ones we have had have been good! I have enjoyed Photography as a job! I have a great boss and Job! I have got to take some pics of people I know lately... I thought I'd put a couple of them up for you all to see. Here they are... A couple Senior pics of a great girl and a couple engagement shots of people almost related to me. Fun stuff!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Israel is a shepherd in the Mesa Easter pageant this year. He has been going to practice for a couple weeks and now its time to go see him in the easter pageant! It's a really neat portrayal of Christ's life from the Bible. There are pretty songs and a few parables in the play. It's the largest outdoor Easter Pageant in the World!!! I want to invite ALL of you to come. It's free admission and there are two Spanish Performances April 3-4 @ 8:00pm. And there are lots of English Performances April1-2 and 7-11 @ 8:00pm. All preformances are at the Mesa Temple grounds, 525 East Main Street, Mesa, AZ. I hope you all can come! Here's a picture to get you excited...