Sunday, April 26, 2009


So I am really enjoying cooking... I kind of always have!... But I took pictures of some of the random dishes I've made this last week...We begin with Shish-kabobs... I couldn't really think what to make a few nights ago...I wanted something not boring. I got chicken and Shrimp and made up my own marinade and cut up veggies... They were DELISH!

So This one I made a salad with apples and pecans and then I toped it with chicken that I cooked with onions and pecans and cheeses and I topped it off with a vinaigrette that I concocted. It was really good!! Please excuze the dirty fork I just used it to dish the chicken stuff. :)

I love making home made pizza! It's healthy and you can top them with anything!!! SO YUMMY!

This is just an ordinary tuna-fish sandwich. I love tuna!

OK... Now the next three are just cupcakes. But they were cute cup cakes I made last week for Israel's Birthday. I made 40 cupcakes...He took them to one of his ASU classes...Cute! There were 2 kinds, German chocolate and Yellow cake with vanilla frosting and sprinkles!YEAH! Happy Birthday. He's getting up there in age...climbin' that hill!


I.Ortega said...

now i'm hungry...thanks

Britt said...

You can move to Utah and cook for me if you want! PLEASE!!!! :)

Margi said...

You make food look so pretty.

Steph said...

Sorry... That last comment didn't make sense... OOPS!