Wednesday, May 20, 2009


WOW... I'm astonished that Kris Allen won over Adam "amazing vocals" Lambert!!! I have little to say on the matter except that I am in Awe!..... Uh... WOW!

Sunday, May 17, 2009


This first picture is of Israel and I in September of 2006 at fitch park playing racquetball. Israel and I have been playing racquetball for a long time! We love it! We have a really good time playing! I usually get really mad because Israel is so good that he doesn't play at his best and still beats me every time! Recently we have played doubles with Scott and Becky. It's been really fun! Whatever team Israel is on no matter the combination That team wins. He is just so good! Last time we played Becky brought head bands for all of us so that we would look like professionals! I loved them so much I had to get pictures! ( I thought it was funny that the first picture (below) is in almost the exact same spot as Israel and my picture (above) from 2006!)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Kids these days.

So ...Israel, My two younger sisters and I are all pretty obsessed with American Idol! We have been watching it and loving it! Until last night! ...OK, so there are a ton of 13 and 14 year old girls that have little ability to judge musical ability but sure can fall in love with people they don't know pretty fast! So because of these little "groupies" I found myself and my family voting. We don't vote usually on contestants but, We have been rooting for Danny Gokey this season! Since the beginning we decided he was "IN IT TO WIN IT!" Well... saddly America is being overrun with youngsters with cell phones! They voted and Chris (Who lacks some singing ability and seriously needs to stop moving his mouth to the side!!! UGH!) and Adam (love him sometimes, like the Smokey Robinson week, and hate him sometimes, Ring of fire!!!) are the two finalists. Well I want to let everyone know that I think Danny should have been in the top two! We spent quite sometime making our votes count!!! Between the four of us we put in approximately 325 votes. Israel and I both 100 votes and Hilaree and Margaret the rest. ALL for Danny Gokey. He is better than Chris. That's all I can say about it!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Israel is gettin' SKINNY!

So when Israel and I started dating he was about 40 lbs heavier than he is now. At his largest weight he was about 290lbs. Now he weighs around 225. That's awesome! Of what he lost... I think I found half of it. I just think it's cool and pretty crazy that he is so much thinner! We reallized this yesterday when we were cleaning out his drawers for DI stuff. Ya I made him take pics! It is really amazing to look at old clothes and pictures!

Summer is here!!!!

YEAH! Summer time is here and we can swim! Gotta love Arizona! (My sisters and I were comparing tans... I lost!)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hair cuts and THE BEARD IS GONE... But hopefully not forever.

So Israel as many of you know, has been growing out his hair and beard for the past year. It is pretty awesome as you can see in the 1st picture we have here! Notice his Beautiful wavy blown locks and the fierceness of his manly beard! I love it! ... Funny Story, so the other day I was sitting in one of my classes at ASU and a kid that I have been sitting next to saw the Arizona Traffic School shirt that I was wearing and asked if I knew Hugo(Israel) I said yes and he said that he recently got a ticket and Israel was his teacher and The kid thought Israel was a great and hilarious teacher. Then he said. "YA Hugo was cool, and he had the most awesome beard! It was a huge EPIC beard!" I agreed, it was an epic beard!

Well... Israel recently trimmed his beard. It was a great look I thought. He thought it was not drastic enough and also that the chorine from all the swimming we plan on doing this summer would make his hair feel stiff and yucky. ... SO... He decided to cut off those lovely locks. We scheduled and then nervously awaited the day. It finally came and the executioner was my cousin Kathryn. (She is known to be one of the better designer of men's hair!) This was a big thing for Israel! When he was one he got his first hair cut by a man named Gino. Gino was cutting his hair all the way up to the last hair cut he had before growing out his beard. Gino has since stopped cutting hair. Oh no! what are we to do??? So I saved the situation of not knowing whom to trust by telling Israel that Kathryn is GOOD!

... Israel Trusted me and we are very happy that he did because Kathryn did a really good job! Thanks Kathryn! I think Israel looks cute! I loved the beard and the long hair, but I love this too! Israel looks really young and baby face! I don't think he has the same ability to instantly intimmidate people with just the way he looks. I love Israel and I think he looks HOT!

OK... So two other crazy things happened the same week. #1. Michael got a hair cut too! It looks good. He had Jeani do it! Cool lookin' hair cut! This picture is in the middle of the hair cut. And the second thing is I left a celery in my frige a bit too long and it became really limp. Weird. It still taste fine! :)
The Celery actually has nothing to do with hair! I just thought it was funny!