Sunday, January 17, 2010

The First Post of a New Month, Year and Decade.

Well one would probably think that a post of this magnitude (Being the first of the new month Year, Decade) would be full of Excitement and wonder... well it is not. It is as normal a post as most! Israel and I have had loads of fun during this break from ASU. We went caroling on a hay ride and we saw many of the fun new movies that came out at the end of 2009. I enjoyed decorating the house for the holidays and Israel has been loving the cooler weather! Israel and some of our MEN relations went shooting one day and had lots of fun doing that! Israel and I had a really GREAT Christmas day, we spent time with both our families and we both enjoyed the time with them!!! We went on a Trip to Midway, UT with my family to hang together in the cold and snow! This Christmas was the first in four years that my entire family was together for the Holidays. It was a big deal SO we went all together up to my parents house in Utah. Israel and I both have physical restrictions that have kept us from participating in Snowboarding and that stunk, but we have made the best of things. We went and saw Christmas lights at (both the Mesa and the Salt Lake Temples...) SO Beautiful... I think the day we went to SLC was one of the coldest of our trip! We played games and went shopping together we all went sledding and some people went snowboarding. We also helped Jeff and Tori move into their new apartment by BYU. We ate good food the whole trip!! It was fun to see what each couple made for the Dinner and Breakfast that they were in charge of! YUMMY! The trip was pretty relaxed and lots of fun! It was especially fun to spend time all together talking and playing with the "grandchildren". Kids are a blast! The Trip was fun and the Entire vacation has been Good! It ends on Tuesday. School starts again and life gets more complicated! BOth Israel and I have such AWESOME families! I will miss some of them and luckily we live by many of them... so we can hang out often!