Wednesday, April 29, 2009

An Addition to "YUMMY FOOD" the blog.

SO this morning when Israel got up I was making breakfast. It was a real breakfast with pancakes, eggs, hash browns, bacon and fruit. When Israel walked in I told him we were celebrating and I asked him if he remembered what today is?. He thought about it for a bit and asked if it was "this" or "that". I responded "No... today is the 29th of April, you don't remember???" He didn't. Finally I told him it really wasn't anything. I just love him and wanted to make him breakfast! I thought it was funny! So I took a picture of it. I think It may become a tradition to celebrate this way every April 29th. :)


Becky and Scott said...

What a good wife you are! That does look really good! I wish you were my jeanie then I would have you cook this kind of yumminess for me! So.... hopefully see you Saturday!

Israel said...

it was soooooo good!