Sunday, January 6, 2008

Our first Bowl game...

Last week we got to do a really fun thing! On the last day of 2007 we got to go to the Insight Bowl at ASU. Israel, Isaac, Melodie and I went and enjoyed it! We had never been to a "Bowl Game" before. We had no particular knowledge of, or loyalty to either of the teams playing. It was Indiana University vs. Oklahoma State University. Luckily I had made a wise fashion choice and I wore the right colors... When we got there and saw that Oklahoma was Orange and white and we saw that that was just what I happened to be wearing. So we instantly got excited to root for Oklahoma State. That was lucky, We sat right in the heart of Oklahoma seating... It was a sea of Orange. We quickly got into the game and we learned all the special Oklahoma Cowboy's Cheers and their special "Guns" (that was their hand gesture to show they were doing really good). We also soon realized that my fashion choice must have been inspired because Oklahoma State Squashed Indiana.
(Sorry Kari!!) But it was good for us because in being avid Oklahoma fans, we were trash talking and the Cowboys were backin' us up. It was a really fun game! These pics are fun... I have to tell you that the second one is Israael and I at half time. His face is because he was really sick of the numbers of pictures I was taking and making him pose for. YEA! Go Cowboys!!!


Kathryn said...

hello, hello from the Melzers. I love to find peoples blogs. Sweet.