Monday, October 27, 2008

Twins are twice as fun????

SO I have some really cool friends that let me take pictures of them!! Becky I'm putting these pictures on my blog so you can see a couple.

You and Scott are hot together!

Those two boys are just so cute!!!

I'm pretty sure this last picture is my fave...I think it's the most real! I love that The boys are just not happy and like all little kids... They don't just smile because it's family pictures... They totally have their own agenda!


Kathryn said...

Good pics. Gotta love twin pics. I would say twins are like 5 times the fun (and 2 times the work). Tell Becky Hi.

Delight said...

I am totally impressed with your work Stephanie. You get better and better at photography all the time. Someday I hope you'll teach me all your secrets!

Britt said...

SO CUTE- thanks for posting them steph!

I.Ortega said...

i want twins...then u get it over with the first time. hehehe