Sunday, January 18, 2009

Christmas Break... a bit late.

I have had a really fun time over this break, which sadly ends tomorrow. On the Wade side...I loved having all of my family together here in AZ ( Except Jeff. He's still on his mission, but we did get to talk to him on Christmas and he is doing great!) !! We had tons of fun! We went on a hay ride caroling all around the neighborhood, we opened presents together, Michael and Jeani got married, and so much more! We had a really fun family date night and we went to dinner and then played games on the Wii and some board games! It was really cool to be all together and Woop each other in boxing and Tennis! On the Ortega side...We had a really fun time playing games on New Years eve and going to the movies on Christmas! Hugo and Adriana gave us a really fun gift! It was a surprise gift. They gave us all nerf guns. They were pretty sneaky and had wrapped their guns already loaded so while we were struggling to open ours and load them we were being ambushed! BUT Adriana and Hugo got it once we had our guns out! It was really fun! I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful family!!! I love that we can all enjoy each other's company!


Britt said...

you DO have a great family! i agree :)

Ammica said...

We had LOADS of fun, too! Thanks for letting us bunk at your place and wake you up early with not-so-quiet pitter-patterings of little feet.