Monday, March 23, 2009

Save the best for last!

WBC Final Japan vs. Korea

This game was amazing!  There were a few different plot lines to address so I''ll do my best.  

1st: Yesterday I was talking to this guy who said at a game he came to last year he sat in the All-You-Can-Eat Section and ate 12 hot dogs.  I decided when we got to the park that I was going to break his record and go for 13!  We got to the park about an hour before the game started so I figured I should eat 5 before the game then I'd only need to eat about 3 per hour to keep on pace for the record.

Here's #1 all smiles

#2 this is gonna be easy!

#3 they still taste good, Kobayashi watch out I'm coming for your record next!!!


...........still #4 I seem to have hit a wall.  All records are safe today...

Ok so the 2nd thing that happened today:

I am sitting minding my own business, waiting for the game to start when all of a sudden something hits me on the bill of my cap.  I take it off to inspect and find that a bird has pooped on me!!!  Have you ever known someone that this has actually happened to?  I haven't (besides myself now) but I do hear that it is good luck...

I made Isaac take a picture before I washed it off

Ok so 3rd on to the game itself:

It was such a good game!  It was tightly contested and going into the bottom of the ninth, Japan was up 3-2 but of course Korea mustered enough to tie the game! Extra innings, nail biting, and jabbing back and forth with the Korea fans who outnumber Japan fans at least 7-1.  SO, top of the tenth, runners on 2nd and 3rd, 2 out and up to the plate walks Ichiro!  But to add more suspense, he has had a terrible Classic to this point only batting .211, however he comes through big with a single scoring both runs and Japan takes the lead 5-3 and finishes off Korea in the bottom of the 10th to send all Japan fans home happy!

Japan celebrates as the dejected Korea fans look for answers...

4th David Ortiz was at the game!!!!

Ok so it wasn't really Big Papi but it reminded me of the commercial where the guy puts on the Red Soxs hat and all the Japanese people think he's Ortiz until his hat gets knocked off 'cause the hat is so authentic.  You'd laugh if you knew what I was talking about!

5th and finally, Isaac and I were sitting in like the only Japan fans section and using ThunderStix I lead many cheers to counterbalance the overwhelming Korean presence!  

Some friends we made:

I think Eric Neel summed the game up best..."A great night of baseball, a great night for baseball."

What an awesome trip!!!

Oh yeah, this is what we got to drive out of!


I.Ortega said...

"NIPPON!" :::clap, clap, clap:::

Darryl said...

I love the last hot dog picture. And the bird poop one. That was an American bird still bitter about the semis.