Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tuesday, Saturday, Happy Days!

So I had a really great week in February! I turned 27 on Tuesday, My future sister in law came in from Brazil, and We had a baby Shower/Bar-B-Q on Saturday. Israel is SO wonderful and just spoiled me rotten on my Birthday!!! He woke me up and gave me a new little camera.... I so wanted one of those! He took me to breakfast at one of my favorite places... The Waffle House. Israel first took me to the waffle house... we have many times returned and I am so used to the place now that I no longer ask for a stack of pancakes! After that he took me shopping and got me a beautiful Purse and Some sun glasses... Love them! My parents were wonderful and took us all out to my favorite Viet- namese restaurant ... YUMMY! Saturday was also a very eventful day! IT rained a bit... so pretty! We went to the airport around noon to meet Isabella... Isaac's fiance. She is so sweet and Isaac just looked happy and relieved that she is finally here!!! We later had so much fun seeing all of our great friends and family at our Shower Bar-B-Q. It was so nice of everyone to come and celebrate our upcoming baby!!! YA... intense and fun week. I also had lunch with some of my great friends... we went to get Thrifty Ice cream together afterwards and spent lots of time just talking. I love these girls!!!... So February was SO MUCH FUN!!!