Tuesday, June 2, 2009

DC Area Trip Post #1...

Ok these are fun Pictures...
Callie has cool sunglasses that open and close! I love them!!! OK. So Israel and I are spending a couple weeks visiting my family in the DC area. We flew in Sunday and drove to my brother, Darryl's house where we are staying for a few nights. YEAH! we got here. We ate a yummy dinner and planned a bit, played a game or two, talked to Darryl and Stacey until like midnight, which is only 9pm for us, and went to bed. Day one, Monday was pretty laid back. I woke up early and went to the park to play with the girls. So fun!! We spent the rest of the day hangin' out, playing lots of games with Asia and Callie, My nieces. Asia LOVES playing Checkers!!! She really understands the rules and likes to tell her opponant ALL of their options and the consequences of those moves. She played a game with Israel the first night and beat him and on Monday I played her at least four games and Israel played her twice. The games all end the same way... Each player ends up with two or three pieces left on the board and Asia plays it safe running away from any possible contact with the opponant and ending up in the corners where one must seek her out and figure out ways to let her jump you and win the game. Otherwise the game could go on forever!!! I tried in one of our games to chase her and we ended up moving the same two pieces back and forth to the same spots. I couldn't handle it anymore. I lost to Asia by a double jump.
Here's a picture of Asia woopin' Israel at yet another game of checkers. The girls loved when Israel read them that book, Socks on Fox. Wow... tongue twister! The next picture is of the girls eating the popsicles that Stacey bribed Callie with so she would stay and play with us, while she went to pick up Darryl.
We also played connect four. Israel and Callie against me and Asia. Callie was good! I don't think she fully under- stood the game, but she managed to put her pieces in and get four in a row multiple times without Asia or I knowing it! Israel and Callie won three times and Asia decided it was time for a new game, but "Asia was going to be on Israel's team and Steph was going to be on Callie's team." I guess she wanted to win and Israel was the best partner! Later we ate a yummy dinner! I made a salas and D&S went and picked up some Yummy shrimp. It was good. We also visited a Harley Shop and Darryl and Israel watched Terminator 3. It was a fun and pretty laid back day! I get a bit picture happy sometimes!... Especially when I have such cute subjects to practice on! Connect four ROCKS!!!